MCT Digital Jul-Aug 2018

MCT Digital Jul-Aug 2018 • July/August 2018 29 “He was disqualified from an enduro in Wales for going the wrong way” an enduro in Wales for going the wrong way, got lost in an enduro in Thetford Forest, and he will still drive the wrong way around the M25 to get to a client — even the invention of sat-nav has not really helped him! “But, he has many achievements. He is an avid family man with two amazing daughters. He’s a trained mechanic, used to build go-carts as a child with a lawn mower engine, and has a collection of bikes, mostly in pieces, that he aims to finish one day. He climbed Ben Nevis – a challenge for which he didn’t train, and sat at the top with a can of Special Brew, he also ran the London Marathon with very little training. And thankfully he managed to find his way to the finish! “Finally, he has a massive passion for motorsport and investing in the sport he loves so much is incredibility important to John. through Putoline he supports over 800 riders on various schemes to help keep them on track.” Happy double celebration, John – we at Trader salute you and hope you have many more celebrations to come!