MCT Digital OCT 2018

24 October 2018 • C WC has built wheels for every motorcycle - from Adler to Zundapp - and, it is claimed, bikes named with every letter of the alphabet in between. It currently produces all the spokes for Norton Motorcycles and rebuilds spoked wheels for The National Motorcycle Museum as well as for the Sammy Miller Museum. CWC is the leader in the field of building and restoring motorcycle wheels. Whether it’s a new rim, a blast and polish for an old hub, a set of spokes and nipples, or even a complete wheel rebuild, the team is ready to assist. The firm can also supply, and fit tyres and tubes supplied by its sister company Wheelhouse Tyres. Since 1897 So then, with 120 years of trading under its corporate belt, it’s safe to assume that CWC has a successful and solid business – which it does. However, as Trader recently discovered, the West Midlands based outfit isn’t about to rest on its wheel-building laurels but is focusing on growing its area of speciality with the introduction of new services. Here, NitroMousse from the USA enters the ring and has chosen Central Wheel Components to be its distributor. CWC already owns the SM-Pro wheels brand and sees NitroMousse as the perfect fit for its off-road wheels, rims and spokes portfolio. Mousse tyre inserts are nothing new in the motorcycle industry, having been around for over 30 years. In that time the product has taken on many forms, including hollow versions, ribbed versions, even mousse that is not joined up in a continuous loop. However, the design brief has always remained the same – to take the place of an inner tube that will not go flat. So, what is different with NitroMousse, and how is it better than current competition? Adam Rous, CWC’s sales manager of wheels and tyres, explains. “Nuetech is the company that has developed Nitro Mousse and has spent the best part of a decade of research and development into improving the ‘less than desirable’ effects of a mousse. What NitroMousse has done is to enhance the positives while greatly reducing the negatives. It’s true that mousse does cost quite a bit more when compared to inner tubes but, for most riders it’s worth the extra expense just to have the peace of mind knowing that a flat tyre is a thing of the past. And that’s the difference between winning and losing a race. “NitroMousse combines a high concentration of Nitrogen into an incredibly tough micro- matrix of proprietary elastomers. This eliminates the ‘dead’ feel associated with traditional mousse products and at the same time provides a far more lively, lighter feel, which aids traction. This all happens right from the moment the mousse is fitted, and no break- in period is needed. Coupled with this, the proprietary formula and manufacturing process involved means the mousse will last up to twice as long as other competitor products. Nitro offers a product for most applications, including a set for big-wheel 85cc motocross machines and it offers the range in standard or ‘racer soft’ compounds. The ‘racer soft’ version is a must for extreme enduro riders as it gives the feel of a reduction of 0.2-0.3bar inside the tyre and that really makes a difference in lower geared, FEATURE: Central Wheel Components/NitroMousse Central Wheel Components (CWC) is unique: it has been in the hands of the same family since its inception in 1897. Five generations of Hardings have owned and run the company over the past three centuries Mousse business NitroMousse: rules out flats