October 9 2008.

A new initiative by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) will make it easier and cheaper for new sporting riders and motorcycle clubs to enjoy their motorcycle sport with the ACU.

Along with most other sectors of the economy, motorcycle sport is feeling the effects of the much talked about 'credit crunch'. This new initiative by the UK's National Governing Body for motorcycle sport is aimed at encouraging those who have never raced before to have a go, and existing clubs who are not currently running under the ACU to come and experience running sport as an ACU affiliated club.

For those new to off road motorcycle sport - people who have never held an ACU competition licence before, or riders returning after an absence of five years or more - the first year competition licence for an off road discipline has been reduced from £43 to £25.

The new initiative is also aimed at increasing the number of younger riders in off road motorcycle sport. Riders in the youngest age group of bikesport, 6 to 8 year olds, will be able to take advantage of a new licence fee of £25, which will be applicable until the end of the year in which their 8th birthday falls.

All of these changes have been designed to lower the barriers to participation in motorcycle sport, encouraging more people to 'have a go'!

For existing or new sporting motorcycle clubs, the new initiative presents some equally attractive offer;
Any new club affiliating to the ACU in 2009 who wish to run their events under the 'Basic' or 'Basic Plus' Insurance Permit will get their first permit free and all other permits in their first year at half price.

This offer is aimed at helping new and existing clubs to establish themselves under the banner of the National Governing Body as ACU Affiliated Clubs.

ACU Chairman Jim Parker feels that these new initiatives are timely and will be welcomed by the sport generally,

"All of the Directors of the ACU are regularly involved in motorcycle sport at a grass roots level and we have all seen first hand the effects of the current economic pressures on participants and the sport in general," explained Parker.

"We believe that this raft of new initiatives will bring some encouragement to those who want to ride with us, as well as organising Clubs who we believe would benefit significantly by organising their events via the Governing Body,"

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