October 10 2008.

Cold Killers has redefined windproof clothing with the radically restyled SoftShell collection. Cold Killers is the only brand of windproof motorcycle clothing to use innovative SoftShell fabric, which provides active stretch, wind proofing and breathable performance together with great water resistance. The result is windproof clothing with a distinctive new look, feel and fit.
Knox has been involved in motorcycle protection for over 25 years and Cold Killers was introduced to protect riders not only from the discomfort of cold but also from the potentially lethal effects of hypothermia.

Even moderate hypothermia causes symptoms that include "inability to think or pay attention to events, confusion, fumbling hands, and drowsiness" any of which could have serious consequences when trying to control a motorcycle. Because Cold Killers is windproof it blocks out the effect of wind-chill, while its light and thin construction allows for a comfortable fit beneath motorcycle clothing.

For 2009 a new Cold Killers SoftShell fabric has been developed. This is a three-ply laminate with a very tough and tightly woven stretch fabric on the outside and a cosy 3D fleece liner on the inside. In between is a laminated membrane, which assists weather protection.

These three elements work together to deliver an incredible balance of protection against wind and rain, excellent breathability, balanced warmth and a dynamic stretch fit. The technical combination of SoftShell fabric and 3D fleece liner pretty much eliminates the overheat/chill-down cycle of conventional layering.

Nothing else on the market looks, feels or fits like the Cold Killers SoftShell Collection. Riders can choose from a complete range that includes balaclava, neck tubes, sport top and pants, zippered fleece top, gloves and socks. Knox have even added a Sport Top in a ladies' fit.
In spite of all these changes, retail prices remain largely unchanged from last year's range.

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