October 14 2008.

The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) is launching a new initiative to bring together the motorcycle training sector. This will include rider trainers and companies engaged in all types of rider training, including off-road and track days.

Launched on European Road Safety Day, the Motor Cycle Industry Trainers' Association (MCITA) is a new MCI membership category which will embrace the diverse elements of the powered two wheeler (PTW) training sector, and focus more effectively on improving road safety. Membership of the UK's motorcycle trade association will also give trainers a much stronger and more collective voice, particularly with legislators and the government. The MCI already represents about 150 member companies including manufacturers and importers of mopeds, motorcycles and scooters, and the suppliers of associated goods and services. Trainers will be able to benefit from the inclusive political and business weight that the MCI represents, as well as commercial benefits that will help to cut costs.

David Taylor, chief executive of the MCI explains: "This is a natural extension of what the MCI already does. Improving road safety is vital in reducing casualty figures, and we believe that the closer we can work with trainers, the more impact we will have. Safety is the number one priority for us and government, and by working together we can improve and secure the future of a healthy motorcycle market.

"We have also put together a comprehensive benefits package that will help trainers to save money and market themselves more effectively," he added.

The MCI believes that by creating a more focused lobby group, quality improvements to legislation can still be achieved across the industry along with further consumer confidence in motorcycle training. This includes greater consistency for people seeking motorcycle training, along with the creation of a 'life-long learning' training culture amongst all riders.

There is mounting evidence that increasing numbers of people are switching to using PTWs as low cost, everyday transport - especially for commuting - and the MCI sees a clear benefit in working with the training sector to nurture and encourage people looking to start motorcycling.

Membership will provide trainers with access to all industry resources, including the MCI's combined stronger voice and ability to influence policy. The integration of the training sector into the wider motorcycle industry comes at a time when trainers face unprecedented difficulties, with new motorcycle test arrangements threatening jobs and businesses.

Trainers should soon receive an information pack setting out all of the benefits of MCITA membership, with an invitation to join. Trainers can also 'phone 02476 024 76 408032 or go to