September 29 2006.

XENA has launched an on-line fitting guide for its unique range of disc lock alarms that will help owners decide which product from the range will be appropriate for their motorcycle.  In addition, XENA is providing authorised stockists with a laminated card that they can use to measure the thickness of brake discs and the depth and diameter of vent holes through which the XENA may be locked. 
XENA disc-lock alarms fit the vast majority of standard brake-discs. XENA has published a comprehensive list of fittings for most popular motorcycles and quad bikes, which can be viewed at http://www.xenasecurity.com.  Alternatively, riders can check the following three dimensions to determine which XENA suits them best or download the XENA lock fitter guide, which can be printed onto a sheet of A4 paper.
 Brake-disc gap: Standard on all XENA models at 7mm.
Locking-pin size: from 7mm (XR1/XZ1) to 18mm (XN18) according to model.
Distance from locking-pin to inside back: 42mm to 65mm according to model.  The locking pin can pass through ANY hole on the brake disc (red areas on diagram).
XENA produce a wide choice of disc lock alarms, all of which feature a high strength steel lock with microprocessor contolled motion and shock sensors.  Smart LED arming sensors and 110db siren are fitted as standard.  Prices start at ¬£39.99 and a Claw adaptor and Thtacham approved 1.5M chain are also available.

For further information contact 01256 704909 or