October 3 2006.

Venhill has developed a range of high quality British-made replacement control cables for Lambretta scooters, in conjunction with PBT, who specialise in tuning and restoration.
A damaged or degraded control cable can have a significant effect on a machine's performance, as well as being frustrating for the rider. Venhill has been in business for over 35 years and is well known in the off road scene, supplying the Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha  motocross teams.
Venhill produce Superlight cables to fit the clutch and front brake, which will directly replace the original items.  The throttle cable is slightly longer, to allow for any modifications to the carburettor.  Skilled workers in the company's Dorking factory manufacture Superlight cables. The internal cable is made from galvanised 7x7 wire rope, which is both flexible and resistant to corrosion. The outer casing consists of a steel spiral casing with a commercial PVC sheath extruded over it. This is designed to cope with the rigours of two-wheel use and the conduit has an acetyl liner, which offers a smooth operation.
The Lambretta cables will fit most Italian and Indian made models and prices start at £6.80 inc. VAT. They are available through PBT Scooters, who can also offer a bespoke service with a swift turnaround, because they recognise that many classic scooters have been modified over the years. 

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