October 29 2008.

Sidi raises the bar in technology, design and beauty with the range-topping Vortice.

Featuring more of the same innovative technology that made the Vertigo so popular, the Vortice uses similar Tecno adjusters for a precise fit and a similar strap across the foot's bridge to restrain forward movement and reduce potential crush damage to toes. There's also a new shock absorbing heel cup which is capable of moving on its mounts slightly in a crash, further reducing forces to the heel, in addition to the usual assortment of safety features found on high-end race boots.

The Vortice is constructed of Lorica and is lined with Teflon vented mesh. The lining in the toe area is in Cambrelle, a soft yet strong lining. Only Sidi goes to the trouble and expense of creating a multiple liner boot system in its racing boots.

Lorica is a composite micro-fibre material created from strands that are so fine, each one is less than one thousandth the thickness of silk. When injected with special resins, these fibres act like natural leather skin, but with the addition of better strength, softer texture, lighter weight and better moisture protection. Lorica is also highly resistant to abrasion - yet it still breathes - with more than three million pores per square centimetre.

Sidi Vortice SRP from £299.95.

Sizes 39-48 (dependant on colourway)

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