October 30 2008.

Retail demand for used motorcycles dropped at a faster rate than for new machines in October, according to the results of a trade survey by EurotaxGlass's - publisher of Glass's Guide to Used Motorcycle Values.

70 per cent of retailers indicated that demand for second-hand motorcycles fell more sharply in comparison to the market for new units. Despite this, used stock levels were causing only moderate concern and a much smaller proportion (20 per cent) reported stocks being too high.

Randal Thomas, Editor of the Guide, comments that there will inevitably be considerable caution in the amount of money paid out for two-wheelers over the next few months but, with list prices for new machines likely to rise, the pressure on used values may ease slightly.

"As consumer budgets continue to tighten, second-hand models are likely to represent a more cost-effective option," he says. "With many retail buyers becoming even more prudent with their spending, there is no doubt that a second-hand machine with a few miles under its belt is likely to be a more affordable and attractive option than a new one.

"Those within the trade who are looking ahead are already turning their attention to building stocks ready for the new season."

Thomas warns, however, that market conditions could easily take a turn for the worse between now and Spring next year. "Given the current economic situation, it is expected that any downturn in the market will be more pronounced than has been seen so far."