VE has introduced three new Polini performance products.

Polini has teamed its best transmission parts into one ready to fit kit. The kits comprise of a nine roller variator kit, belt, static pulley and springs designed to work together for the best possible performance from a scooter's transmission. Kits are available for a wide range of scooter models.

Polini has also introduced two new performance variators. One for the Sym VS 125 and one for the Yamaha Giggle 50. Based on the proven designs for many other models, the new variators enhance the overall performance of the scooter across the powerband, increasing ridability.

The new Polini exhaust system, that owes its name to the legendary "Polini Scooter Team", has been developed with all the technology acquired from the racing experience during the Polini Italian Cup.

The system is a product with racing features. It perfectly combines very high performance, optimisation of the power output at every rpm, great reliability and maximum mechanical resistance.

The expansion chamber, with new racing design, is made of two special P04 steel shells of a low carbon content; a material that is able to maintain a very high resistance to vibration. The final silencer is produced from a light alloy.

Available for the Minarelli horizontal and vertical motors as well as the Piaggio two-stroke engines covering many manufacturers models.

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