November 13 2008.

Norton Motor' Managing Director, Richard Negus, is due to retire at the end of February, 2009 and the business and assets of Norton Motors Ltd. in Rugeley are for sale.

Norton Motors is the home of the Norton Rotary motorcycle and holds all drawings, remaining tooling, stock of spares and service information for all Norton rotary engined motorcycles produced up to 1993.

The assets for sale include:

. The company name, Norton Motors Limited, company registration 3416102

. All of the IPR owned by Norton Motors including, but not limited to

. The original engineering drawings, including development and production
issues, for the Interpol 2, Classic, Commander, F1 and F1 Sport models;

. Drawing registers for above drawings;

. Register and copy drawings of Norton aero engine components prior to

. Original drawings for AJS Stormer motocross machines;

. Production records for all models from Interpol 2 onwards;

. Service workshop records;

. Stock of finished spare parts for Interpol 2, Classic, Commander, F1 and
F1 Sport models with a total current sales value of £1,009,000.00

. Stock of un-machined and part machined engine castings for the F1 and
F1 Sport

. Machine shop and workshop equipment, including machine tools,
workbenches, hand tools, etc..

. Office equipment, including computer systems & furniture

. Original tooling to produce glass fibre components of Interpol 2, Classic,
Commander, F1 and F1 Sport

. A database of current customers.

Interested parties please contact Richard Negus at Norton Motors Ltd, or Tel.(0044) (0)1889 586 557