November 15 2008.

Ray Battersby's acclaimed book TEAM SUZUKI has now been republished. Signed copies are available direct from the author on his website www.teamsuzuki.co.uk  Battersby is happy to provide trade discounts for orders of three or more books from bonafide motorcycle dealers.

In addition to the standard hard-back edition, a deluxe Limited Edition version of TEAM SUZUKI is available only from the author. Only 250 copies of this version have been produced with the book and its slip case specially bound in black faux leather and with a signed Certificate and an optional dedication. This book makes an excellent Christmas gift for the committed Suzuki race fan.

When first published by Osprey in 1982, TEAM SUZUKI received rave reviews and soon sold out. It was never reprinted so Ray bought the original printing films and copyright from Osprey before they closed their doors. "I stored them under my bed for years just in case there was ever a need to reprint the book," Ray said. When Battersby saw second-hand copies of his book selling for hundreds of pounds on ABE and eBay he decided the time was right. He managed to locate the book's original editor, Tim Parker, in the USA. He learned that Parker was launching his own publishing company and was keen to have Team Suzuki as one his initial titles.

TEAM SUZUKI's success is down to its warts and all approach to what went on behind-the-scenes in Suzuki's Grand Prix racing teams. "I've always been more interested in looking at photographs of racing machines, stripped without their fairings rather than yet another racing shot," Battersby said. That's the style that he managed to bring to his writing which is more concerned with the men and machinery working in pit-lane than it is about the rider taking the accolades on the podium. Some of the factory's secret power curves, specifications and drawings that Battersby obtained from his contacts at the factory were so close to the technical bone that he was tempted to leave them out. At the time Ray Battersby was Heron Suzuki's technical director and feared for his job. But these priceless finds made it into print and the Suzuki factory turned a blind eye. They even bought a case of his books and he continued working for Suzuki until 1991.

And how was the book received by the racing pundits?

"I prefer to give you a few of the reviews that TEAM SUZUKI has received," Battersby told us.

MCN - "In a well-researched 240 page book, Mr Battersby unravels some of the mystery of Sheene's 170mph Daytona crash in 1974. It's the racing book of the year, concentrating solely on the Suzuki works machines."

SUPERBIKE (Michael Scott) - "The value of this book is not in its clear retelling of this oft-told tale, nor even in the interesting Suzuki viewpoint of it, but in the number of new facts that have been unearthed. There's a lot of stuff here you've never heard before. Like the full story of Ernst Degner's defection from East Germany...It is liberally illustrated with pictures seldom or never seen before, as well as the odd graph. Team Suzuki comes highly recommended for any serious reader."

JULIAN RYDER - "The mother of all the racing marque books. Battersby worked for Suzuki and was ideally placed to observe the characters as well as the machinery. Particularly strong on illustrations and specifications of all the works bikes and direct quotes from Japanese engineers and mechanics as well as the European and American managers and riders. Lots of insights into rivalries between riders and difficulties due to cultural differences between Europe and Japan" (Ryder's List of Books Every Bike Racing Fan Should Own)

JERRY BURGESS - "From the moment I arrived at Beddington Lane in 1980, Ray was talking to me about the book he was writing, photographing and noting all that George (Vukmanovich) and I were doing to improve Randy's machines. I've had a copy of the resulting masterpiece on my bookshelves ever since."

PAT HENNEN - "...the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the motorcycles and people who made Suzuki... full of very interesting information and photography from beginning to end..."

GRAEME CROSBY - "I remember the amount of time Ray spent at Suzuki researching his book. I wasn't sure whether Ray ever actually did any work for Suzuki. He and I would pour over the photos I'd brought back from Hamamatsu to include in his book."

Visit: www.teamsuzuki.co.uk