November 21 2008.

Specialist motorcycle and scooter insurance broker, MCE Insurance has launched a competition for eight UK regions, including London, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each month MCE will email dealers one of their key messages, e.g. unbeatable 125cc insurance, guaranteed. MCE will then phone dealers, if the person answering the phone can confirm the key message they win a crate of Stella Artois.

A fired up Dominic Edwards, MCE's Dealer Development Director added 'We have already had 16 winners enjoying more than a can or two on MCE, including Taz Motorcycles, SMC Sheffield, Pure Triumph and DMC Motorcycles. Watch out for Big 'Ed delivering crates of Stella in your area!'

A dealer in your area will win every month! To take part simply phone or email Dominic Edwards on 0870 420 71 71 or