Putoline Oil has launched a new range of lubricants aimed at the four-wheel road and off-road market.

Their new Quad Range comprises 'Quad SP Gear,' a synthetic Quad rear drive oil, 'Quad 2' two-stroke oil, 'Quad RF2,' race formula two-stroke oil, 'Quad 4' for four-strokes, 'Quad RF4,' a race formula four-stroke oil and 'Quad RF4+' which is a 100% synthetic oil for four strokes.

Formula GP, GP6 and GPR6 Racing are new products in Putoline's suspension fluid range. Formula GP is the ultimate in competition fork oil developed for road and off road race professionals, available in SAE 5w, 7.5w and 10w. GP6 is a rear shock oil blended to an ultra-high viscosity index ideal for road and competition use. GPR6 Racing is a synthetic rear shock absorber blended to an ultra-high viscosity index, ideal for competition and race applications and available in SAE 2.5w and 3.5w.