Akrapovic Homologated silencers are supplied 'E' Marked for road use but feature a removable baffle insert to convert them to a race silencer for track days. For race and track day use simply break the welded seal and undo the titanium bolt, which holds the insert in place, and then remove it. The silencer is now a race silencer offering full race performance. Baffle core can be re-inserted for road use. Available as full systems, slip-ons and bolt-ons. (Will retro fit to any existing Akrapovic pipe work.) All silencers are supplied with a high quality, ultra light, carbon-fibre loop bracket.

Priced from £393 the retail price is only £29 more than the equivalent traditional race silencer.

Further information on the Akrapovic product range will follow shortly, for further information contact Colin Peabody on 0870 240 2118.