August 2 2006.

X-Lite UK, makers of Muc-Off cleaning products, has introduced Dirty Work Wipes - multi-use scrubbing wipes that are ideal for the workshop or cleaning on the move. These wipes remove heavy grease, lubricants, oils and other hard-to-shift grime from hands, but are also tough enough to use on tools and even metal parts. Muc-Off Dirty Work Wipes feature a revolutionary 'Ultimate Scrubbing Texture' - tiny particles that work to lift and remove heavy grime. In addition to that, each wipe contains lanolin to condition and moisturise your skin to help prevent dryness or cracking.
The tub contains 40 XXL wipes to keep in your kit bag, workshop or garage. Each sheet contains a citric burst to banish grime and freshen hands without needing to rinse them afterwards. Muc-Off Dirty Work Wipes are ideally suited to outdoor environments where maintenance work has to be carried out, particularly if there is no water supply. 
Dirty Work Wipes is a new addition to Muc-Off's award-winning motorcycle cleaning range, joining the market-leading Muc-Off Bike Cleaner, Bike Spray, Miracle Shine, Degreaser, PTFE Chain Lube and Disc Brake Cleaner.
Quick facts:
- Dirty Work Wipes have an 'Ultimate Scrubbing Texture' that effectively remove hard-to-shift dirt, grease and oil from hands, tools and even metal components!
- Ideal for workshop use or cleaning on the move.
- No need for water!
- Drity Work Wipes are dermatologically tested, so they're tough on grime yet kind to hands - they'll even leave your hands clean and moisturised!
-  Dirty Work Wipes come in a tub containing 40 XXL pink (of course!!) wipes and have an SSP of ¬£9.99.

For further information:
Lucy Martin
X-Lite UK
Tel: 01202 307790