December 12 2003 New for 2004, the Mobil range of motorcycle and scooter products is expanding! Providing your machine with the ultimate internal and external protection it requires. The 2004 Mobil range includes new and improved technology for our motorcycle and scooter engine oils, which features an exclusively patented performance and anti-wear additive - SuperSyn. In addition, the range now includes fork oils, brake cleaners and engine degreasers.

The 2004 range of engine oils is spearheaded by Mobil 1 Racing 4T - for four-stroke engines - and Mobil 1 Racing 2T - for two-strokes. Both feature the unique performance and anti-wear additive SuperSyn, first developed in Formula One to improve engine performance and reliability. Tests conducted by leading motorcycle race teams identified an immediate 3 bhp power boost simply by switching to the new SuperSyn formulation, in addition to it's leading anti-wear properties.

Mobil 1 Racing 4T 15W-50 virtually eliminates all engine wear. The SuperSyn technology excels at over 100 degrees centigrade, when conventional oils begin to thin, which could otherwise put your engine and gearboxes at risk. The fully synthetic formulation also assists in eliminating clutch slip.

World-class motorcycle oil technology also features in new Mobil 1 scooter oils - specifically designed for two-stroke (Mobil 1 Scooter 2T) and four-stroke (Mobil 1 Scooter 4T) engines.

The widest Mobil product range ever released includes Mobil extra 4T - a semi-synthetic formulation, offering performance and reliability benefits for more cost-conscious riders.
Fully synthetic Mobil 1 Racing 2T offers greater protection against piston deposits, ring sticking and pre-ignition. It is ideal for injection systems as it mixes easily and remains in solution at all temperatures. The semi-synthetic option - Mobil extra 2T - helps eliminate exhaust smoke and plug fouling.

A demanding and extensive race development programme spanning Max Biaggi's Team Pramac Pons squad in MotoGP and the Yamaha Virgin Mobile Aiwa BSB team has proven integral to developing the 2004 range. Rob McElnea, Team Manager, Virgin Mobile Aiwa BSB team is a true fan of the new SuperSyn formulation: "Mobil 1 Racing 4T is excellent. It gives us increased power, is good under severe race conditions and provides unsurpassed protection for the bikes' engines. Mobil 1 Racing 4T is a pivotal component that assists in the success of the team."

The Mobil 1 range is also recommended by Triumph: "We have tested a range of brands and Mobil 1 gave the best results of all. We have no hesitation in recommending Mobil 1 Racing 4T above all other motorcycle oils on the market." The same award-winning oil technology is also endorsed by Yamaha Motor (UK) as "undoubtedly the best available".
New for 2004, Mobil 1 fork oils, brake cleaners and engine degreasers extend the way in which you can provide complete care and protection for your machine.

"The 2004 range of Mobil products helps remove the confusion over which products to buy to maintain and improve the performance, reliability and condition of your machine," said, David Hopkinson, Automotive Manager, UK and Ireland, Mobil. "Our SuperSyn formulation is technology-proven on the racetrack for use on the road. It is recognised by both Yamaha UK and Triumph as the best in the market and we expect similar recognition for the new Mobil 2T and 4T Scooter engine oil range."