December 12 2003 Motorcycle insurance provider, Bikesure (0845 130 75 85), has backed a new national scheme that may just help keep your machine safe from the criminals and their vans and earn you an insurance discount of up to 10 per cent.

A shocking figure of more than 34,000 motorcycles are stolen a year, with the act often taking no more than 20 seconds, enough time for criminals to pull alongside your bike, slide a pole through its spokes and lift it into the back of their van.

The Lock It 2 Me Scheme is aimed at stopping bike theft happening in this way. Members are encouraged to display special stickers, which indicate to other members that they can secure their bike together, by interlocking their security chains.

As well as keeping your bike secure, you can also save money on your motorcycle insurance. Bikesure gives Lock It 2 Me members 5% discount off the cost of their annual bike premium. The discount is extended to 10% for members who also use a Sold Secure lock and chain.

Bikesure¹s Operations Manager, Robert Balls, says: "We encourage bikers to become more safety-conscious and take part in schemes such as Lock It 2 Me. We can see that the methods of securing the bike, by simply threading the chain through its own wheel, are proving to be ineffective.

"We reward bikers, who are conscious of the risk of theft of their machine and make an effort to keep their bike in tact by fitting Sold Secure products, or joining a scheme such as Lock It 2 Me."

You can become a member of the Lock It 2 Me scheme for just £10. Further information is available by logging on to

To get a quote on your motorcycle insurance, and see what discounts are available to you, call Bikesure on 0845 130 75 85 or log on to