News returns to the pages of Motorcycle Trader this month and for those who want the latest news as it actually lands, rather than waiting for the hard copy, the new Motorcycle Trader news website is now live at

News is only news if it's new, and in a monthly, hard-copy magazine or newspaper format, it is impossible to give the latest information. From going to press, to landing on your doorstep, can take anything from seven to ten days - Even without the handicap of a mail strike like the one that hit our delivery date last month.

So, Motorcycle Trader will continue to bring you the news, here in the magazine every month, but if you want to keep on top, and ahead of the game and your competitors, then visit each day to find the latest news and new product information.

The new Motorcycle Trader website will also provide a Situations Vacant lineage service, because again, if you need a new member of staff, then you don't want to wait a week, or a month, or six weeks for an advert to appear. You want it to appear on the day you decide. And that's what will provide.

Now, we do understand that some companies and individuals in the trade and industry do not have access to the Internet, and they may even hate the very thought of yet another 'www' being fired at them. But on the eve of 2004 most people know someone, be it, family, friend or staff, who is 'connected', and is able to feed them the latest info from our new website. And for those who want to make the jump into getting connected, we will be putting together a special package to show you how inexpensive, simple and fast it is to get set-up, on-line and connected.