December 18 2003. When you have shedloads of dealers calling for a finance settlement figure, you sit up, take notice and address the matter of making the information easily available. Last year the Black Horse Nottingham New Business Centre took over 75,000 such requests and they've moved to smooth the process and make life easier for the enquiring trader.

The result is an update of their electronic proposals system - better known as Equips to its growing band of friends - to give settlement figures pronto. The system is directly aligned to the company's internal proposals and quotations service, so the information is totally up to date. And it certainly works for the people who need it - within the first month there were more than 1,000 settlement requests from over 400 traders.

It's an invaluable extension of a system that has made a lot of friends for Black Horse. The basic requirements are a PC and internet access, it makes information available immediately for 364 days a year and it comes at minimum cost. You don't change your own system, you just download from the internet, you can get a settlement figure as far as three months in advance and there's online training available. Get it in and make your life easier.

A call to Fiona Robertson on 0131 311 2127 will get you all the information you need.