January 21 2004.
Quoteline Direct has launched a unique insurance policy for self-employed couriers, following the current boom of on-line shopping.

As demand for goods bought on the internet rises, so has the number of couriers needed to transport products from e-tailers to homes, but many insurance companies view the profession as too risky.

Paul O'Gorman, director at Quoteline Direct, says insurance companies must
improve their offer and create better package deals for this growth market:

"Too many insurers view couriers as a high-risk category and are frightened
of insuring them. Motorcycle couriers tend to fare worst as the number of
products on offer is much less. High numbers of drop offs, high mileage,
expensive deliveries and the risk of unattended vehicle theft puts many
insurers off," he added.

See: www.quoteline.co.uk or call 0870 444 4844 for more details.