January 25 2004. Following the rise in popularity of Supermoto, Michelin has launched a new tyre for this discipline: the Michelin SM.

The result of a lengthy development process with riders from the Vertemati, Yamaha and KTM teams the new SM is designed for competition use and as a result is not road legal.

The front 12/60 - 17 SM is designed for fitment to a 3.50 inch rim. The construction is based on a medium slick but with a newly designed flexible casing for a quicker warm-up. The front tyre's profile is more rounded compared to the triangular profile of a racing slick as this promotes improved stability and progressive cornering.

The rear 16/63 - 17 SM is designed to fit 5.0 and 5.50 inch rims and was developed from a medium/soft slick for 250cc race bikes. Like the front tyre the casing has been redesigned to be more flexible. This not only shortens warm-up times but improves grip and endurance, and helps the tyre adapt to surface changes.

The moulded centre tread pattern provides traction on the dirt and tarmac sections and semi-slick shoulders offer excellent grip through corners. The tyre also has feint lines on the surface to allow riders to hand cut the tyre and alter the pattern to suit different circuits and riding styles.

Although the tyres are tubeless, when fitted to spoked wheels it may be necessary to fit inner-tubes. The recommended Michelin tubes are 17C front and 17CGR rear.