January 26 2004 New Datatool Electronic Tagging Systems
Datatool, the UK's leading manufacturer of electronic motorcycle security, has launched an electronic tagging system to complement its range of alarms and hard security products. Key benefits for dealers are a competitive retail price, generous margins and the power of the Datatool brand. For customers, the key advantage is that Datatool's electronic tagging system is based on the universally acclaimed, market leading TROVAN RF transponder technology, which is forgery proof and is protected by nine patents.

Comprehensive automatic test methods ensure that no code exists in duplicate, making each tag unique (there are approx. 550 billion possible codes). This enables the Police and Courts to positively identify stolen vehicles that are recovered.

• The Gold kit consists of four transponder tags that can be hidden in several places. A transponder no bigger than a grain of rice can be injected into the seat and/or the main wiring loom, the others, which are no larger than aspirin pills, can be placed in tanks or other areas of the motorcycle to provide a unique identity. Suggested selling price is £44.99.

• The Platinum kit consists of six transponder tags and an adhesive agent and is specifically designed for those requiring additional protection for the more individual motorcycle fitted with additional accessories of higher value, such as alloy wheels. Suggested selling price is £64.99.

Highly visible metallic warning stickers are included and are designed to compliment the look of your motorcycle whilst providing a massive deterrent to any potential thief to pass on to an easier target.

Many insurers offer discounts for bikes, which are marked with a recognised electronic tagging system. Electronic tagging is not only suited to road motorcycles but also off-road bikes, which are not registered with the DVLA and are thus hard to identify. Datatool highlight the fact that TROVAN technology is patented worldwide and that if your pet is "chipped" then your probably using TROVAN technology already.

For more information call Datatool on 0870 165 2414 or