January 27 2004. The G-Mex, Sheffield Streetfighters and Exeter bike shows have been sold by
Mirror Group subsidiary Inside Communications to Bikeshows Europe. That's Howard Cartledge, the long serving shows manager for the Myatt MacFarlane publishing group who moved to Inside when the troubled MM was taken over. Phil Barton is a new name to us and third member of the board is Belinda `Call me Billie' Homer, who sold ads for Myatt MacFarlane before working on the road for Oxford Products and more recently for the blossoming Thunderchild, distributors of Roof helmets and Ixon clothing.

The three took over the reins just days before the G-Mex event in Manchester and report strong business and happy traders. So does that mean they moved away from the girlie stage show that offended a lot of family visitors and stall holders a couple of years back?