February 3 2004.

Michelin has launched the new Pilot Power, a tyre designed for hypersport motorcycles using technology developed in MotoGP.

With the continuing advances in handling and power outputs in the hypersport motorcycle sector, tyres have to respond to the increasingly stringent technical and aesthetic requirements of the motorcycle manufacturers. The Pilot Power answers everything asked of it in these areas, from the competition-derived compounds and construction to the Far Eastern inspired tread design.

The rubber compound of the Pilot Power is the first to use a formula specific to competition tyres: C-RAO (Compound-RAcing Optimisation). This means that the tyre's tread can be made softer for better grip and quicker warm-up with no reduction in life. A 'Shore' hardness measurement of 58 confirms that the Pilot Power is six per cent softer than its nearest competitor.

Another benefit of the soft tread compound is that it allows the use of a tread design with a very low void ratio - the ratio of grooves to tread rubber - with no loss of grip in wet conditions. This low ratio also increases the rigidity of the tread area which improves grip at higher speeds.

To help improve machine handling the Pilot Power tyres feature specific front and rear casing designs and profiles. The front has a more pointed profile midway between that of the Pilot Sport and a MotoGP tyre. This increases the size of the ground contact patch and improves rider feedback. The rear tyre's casing of two plies laid at 90 degrees overlaid with a zero degree aramid belt improves high-speed stability and grip, and reduces the tendency to follow camber changes and white-lines.

The Pilot Power is available in 120/70 ZR 17, 160/60 ZR 17, 180/55 ZR 17 and 190/50 ZR 17 now, with other sizes available during 2004.

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