February 4 2004. Micron are quick off the mark with development of twin race silencers for the 2004 Yamaha R1 with a choice of Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre or Titanium finishes from £399.98 including VAT per pair.

The development process used by Micron incorporates digitization of the physical parameters of the bike to ensure a perfect fit, and the use of Optimum Power software to maximize gas flow and power gains. For the Yamaha this has meant an increase in mid range and top end of up to 5bhp over standard.
The cans are also fully repackable and easily maintained.

Under development and available soon for the 2004 R1 is a Hydraformed Cat Replacement Pipe, which should really unleash the flow for an expected £99.99 including VAT, Delta+ Road Legal silencers, and a Serpent full Race system.

Contact Micron on, Tel: 01773 876333, Fax: 01773 876331, email: orders@extechuk.co.uk .