February 25 2004. Nikwax Waterproofing for footwear is suitable for the full range of work, leisure and sports activity footwear. Quick and easy to use, the waterproofing soaks deep into the leather providing long lasting protection without impairing breathability of the leather or any membranes. Available in handy sizes, application is by a simple brush in the bottle and the treatment can be used on either wet or dry leather.

Benefits of using Nikwax Waterproofing footwear products:

* Offers 100 % water repellency during water absorption tests

* Prolongs life and performance of all leather footwear

* Cures onto leather to condition and protect

* Feeds the leather, revitalising the appearance of footwear

* Stain resistant

* Easy to apply

* Four-year shelf life

Now there's an easier way to look after footwear thanks to Nikwax Waterproofing. If you would like to know more about the superior range of footwear aftercare products contact Nikwax Waterproofing on 01892 786400 or email Nikwax also offers a range of cleaning and waterproofing solutions for clothing and equipment.