February 26 2004. A theft awareness leaflet produced by the Motor Cycle Industry Association is having its distribution extended through a range of new and existing channels.

Motorbikes are twice as likely to be stolen as cars and more scooters and mopeds get stolen than all other types of powered two-wheelers. Therefore, it is fundamental that all users are well informed about how to protect their bike from criminals.

The leaflet aims to remind and educate people about how to keep hold of their bike. Top security tips are included in the leaflet and it reminds riders that it can take less than a minute to steal a bike.

The most important way a person can keep their bike safe is by locking it to something immovable. It also recommends that machines are kept in a garage or shed at home, security marks are advised and people are prompted to buy a security device that is easy to use. When parking in public areas it is preferable to leave it somewhere well lit and ideally covered by CCTV.

Insurance companies Bennetts and Devitts are two of the original distributors. They are supporting this promotional drive by sending out a copy of the leaflet with all insurance renewals.

The Home Office report, 'An analysis of the extent of motorcycle theft in 2000' found that the Metropolitan and City of London areas had the highest rates of theft per 1000 registered. In response to this, London based dealers will soon be distributing the leaflet as well. All manufacturers will be supplied with the leaflets and will distribute them to their dealers who will be responsible for supplying them to the public.

Links to useful websites are included in the leaflet to help riders source accurate and up to date information and find suitable products.

The Home Office website www.secureyourmotor.gov.uk is promoted in the leaflet and this is an excellent resource for the public and even includes the facility to check how at risk of theft you're a specific motorbike is. This site contains ten anti-theft top tips that can be downloaded in a printer friendly format.