February 26 2004. ACF-50 has been protecting aircraft for 15 years and is now being launched to the motorcycle market by Bournmouth based distributors, Worldwide Aviation.

ACF-50 It is a sophisticated, active, thin-film water-displacing compound with corrosion inhibitors that stay functional for up to 12 months. Sprayed on bikes, (and electrics), it will stop existing corrosion, prevent new, stop salt sticking, make the electrics more reliable, (quite often restore the function of an electrical switch or motor), and protects the owner's investment. It is also an excellent lubricant and penetrating fluid to be used as a general service spray. Also check out Corrosion Block Grease, which has the same sophisticated anti-corrosion properties in a high-quality grease that is especially useful as a low-temp anti-seize assembly compound. Were you aware that Copper - that we have all been using as anti-seize for years - actually corrodes alloy?

Early feedback from marketing trails at selected retailers have already produced repeat orders and glowing praise. "Without a doubt the best clean, useable product that is available for protecting against, and stopping existing corrosion," says F2 Motorcycles' David Angel.

"We need more retail outlets," says John Torring an avid all-year motorcyclist and Worldwide Aviations Engineering Director.

RIDE Magazine has already covered the product and sales from that coverage alone have been exciting - So the consumer demand is certainly there. Good margins and support are available from an enthusiastic Company, so see the website for more detail or contact Niki Cox, on 01787 479636, or the Bournemouth office on 01202 577280

Fax: 01202 573322