March 4 2004.

VE has launched a new Italian-made GPT timing system which features uses a memory module fitted to the machine and a trackside static module.

It works similar to a transponder but the other way round with the transponder being at the trackside, working lap by lap with the machine as it passes.

The memory module stores the information and can be recalled after the event is over and software is also available to download the information to a computer, and into its own programme.

The main trackside static module can handle more than one machine as long as each machine has the relative memory module fitted and the static trackside module can handle up to 99 different machines on it channel network.

Everything comes with English instructions and the PC software has an English PDF manual.

The equipment is suitable for all sorts of machines including scooter, motorcycle, minimoto, quads and is i for dealers involved in racing or riders they sponsor, race organisers and clubs.

The GPT Full Track Timing Kit (for machine + trackside) is priced £120.00 and the GPT Software Pack with Optic Fibre lead is £40.00. All prices are exclusive of Vat.

To allow multiple users to use the 99 channels on the trackside module, the memory module as fitted can be purchased separately at £80.00 each.