March 8 2004.

The New Acumax 'Smart' charger, which benefits from the latest software that can assess battery type and condition before beginning the charging process, is an ideal companion to the recently launched Acumen CAT1 Thatcham alarm.

With many users laying-up their bikes over the winter period, 'Smart' Chargers have become essential pieces of kit for most bikers. Unlike standard battery chargers, a 'Smart' charger is able to assess the battery state and deliver exactly the right level of charge to keep the battery in tip-top condition without any possibility of over-charging or boiling dry.

Priced at around £40, the Acumax comes with crocodile and ring connectors and full instructions.

Acumen Electronics was formed in 1997 to address the growing need at that time for reliable and effective self fit alarms. By 1998 they were the market leader in this field and later developed further motorcycle electronic accessories including intercoms.

In February 2003,Dave Martin previously Technical Director at Datatool, ook a 50% stake in the company and became its Managing Director. The move has given Dave the opportunity to pursue a number of new and exciting projects including the most sophisticated Thatcham Category 1 Alarm on the market, the Acumen CAT1.

For further information, Contact David Gath on 01264 359922 or email, or David Martin on 01264 359922, email: