March 12 2004. Measures to curb the illegal dumping of waste, known as fly-tipping, were outlined by the Government. There are to be two consultation exercises which will be used to frame Government policy.

The first will develop effective joint working between the various agencies with an interest in fly-tipping prevention. Statutory directions will enhance the clarity of the roles of local authorities, dealing with small scale local incidents, and the Environment Agency, who would focus on larger scale tipping of non-hazardous waste, certain hazardous wastes, and the involvement of organised crime. The Agency would also have a role in providing strategic support and advice for local authorities.

The second consultation, the Fly-Tipping Strategy, focuses on changes to existing legislation to make it more useable and effective, and further measures that would be implemented through secondary legislation or voluntary action. Proposals include: fixed penalty notices for failure to show a valid waste transfer note or waste carrier registration; higher fines of £50,000 for repeat offences; and more robust powers under the Environmental Protection Act for clearing waste from land.

Both consultations end on Friday 14 May 2004 and are available at