March 12 2004 There's an urgent need for retail traders who sell or advise on insurance to get themselves properly registered with the Financial Services Agency if they want to carry on earning from that source after new regulations come into force in January 2005. And in a manner typical of Government bureaucracy, you don't have long to do it - the deadline is 14thJuly.

Black Horse has got together with other leading suppliers in a series of seminars and retailers who attended them are well briefed and have the essential information to hand. Naturally, BH's own dealers are being kept up to date on the matter, and their own Account Managers are getting intensive training on the so they can help dealers with any queries. But there are some out there who don't yet know what to do.

The final rules - references CP160 and CP187 - were published in January 2004 and are now available on the FSA website; you can also see the update to the CP150 consultation paper there. Application packs for authorisation are available from the FSA and if you get yours in by 31st May you earn a discount; leave it after 14th July and you'll miss out on earnings from next January.

With commission available on both insurance and finance sales, it makes sense to get on board and be properly registered. If you need a handy help line, look in on

It will be a criminal offence to sell insurance products after next January unless you're properly authorised. Don't delay.