December 4 2008.

The Ally Pally Motorcycle Show is back and organiser Andrew Greenwood is confident the show - scheduled for February 27 to March 1 next year - will be well received by both the trade and bike fans.

For many, Ally Pally was the season opener. When the doors closed for the last time many people mourned its passing.

"It was very clear to us at that this was a highly successful event from the point of view of the exhibitors and something of an institution for the visitors who attended in thousands no matter what the weather. When the show left to go to Excel, there were howls of dismay from both parties for whom the location and culture of the event was part and parcel with its success," said Andrew.

Andrew and his team have been well received by the trade. "It became very clear that many exhibitors are simply not prepared to pay the very high stand rentals that the big venue shows demand. Ally Pally always had a unique feel to it. It was a chance to meet old friends in a unique setting; something that modern exhibition halls cannot recreate," he said.

The intention is to return the London show to its roots and recreate the sense of community where riders attend in the winter to meet their friends, enjoy each other's company, talk about bikes and their plans for the year ahead They will want to look at the latest machines, dream about the ones they cannot afford, buy the ones they can and possibly pick up a bargain,' says Andrew, who is well known as a successful event organiser both in the classic car and bike scene.

Getting behind the event with sponsorship is the Ace Café and Motor Cycle Monthly published by Mortons Media Group Ltd.

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