April 19 2004. The range of advanced tools and materials carried by the AA's (Automobile Association) 3,500-strong patrol force now includes QuikSteel single pack epoxy putty. This fast-setting, easy to handle repair product is
helping to deal with a wide variety of breakdowns. It has already been used to solve problems ranging from major radiator leaks and punctured petrol tanks to insulation failure in ignition systems.

The product, supplied by Kalimex, was chosen after careful study by the AA's patrol equipment evaluation group. Following tests by the AA, QuikSteel was found to have the best performance in three key areas: speed of setting, heat resistance and electrical insulation.

QuikSteel also met the AA's requirements for safety and ease of use. There is no mixing of separate materials; the putty starts to set when it is kneaded. It remains soft long enough to be moulded into shape and pressed into place.

Since becoming part of the standard equipment carried by AA patrols, QuikSteel has been used in hundreds of breakdowns every week. As well as solving cooling and ignition problems, it has proved its worth whenever a strong, fast setting material is needed to get a vehicle safely on its way again.

QuikSteel is the world's leading single pack epoxy putty. The high strength, quick setting material is used both by professionals and consumers for a vast range of repairs. It is designed to save money and get things working again around the house, on vehicles, in the garden, at work and for hobbies of all types.

Among the products it can be used to mend are batteries, exhausts, fuel tanks, cookers, radiators, baths, sinks, engines, caravans, mowers and tools. Since it is a good insulator, it is also suitable for appropriate repairs to electrical equipment.

QuikSteel bonds to almost any solid material and is safe and easy to apply. Users simply cut a piece of the right size from the stick and knead it. This starts a chemical reaction that changes QuikSteel from soft putty into a material hard enough to be drilled, sawn, ground, filed or milled. Before hardening it can be moulded to any required shape or pushed into holes, leaks, breaks or cracks that need repair. It can even be used to fill damaged threads for re-tapping.

QuikSteel sets in 5 minutes and reaches full strength within an hour. After this it can, if required, be machined, sanded and finished with paint or lacquer. It will set underwater and is resistant to solvents such as petrol and diesel fuel as well as acids and other common chemicals. Once set, it retains its strength at temperatures from -70oC to +260oC.

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