April 20 2004. Looking for more grip for a race scooter or low capacity motorcycle for use on the track or road?

BEK is now the UK supplier of SAVA specialist tyres including a range of SAVA race tyres to do just that, even including a cold/wet weather tyre.

Ten, twelve, thirteen and seventeen inch sizes are available. All are full race-spec, but are E marked and legal to use on the road. Tread types MC18 and MC16 are an intermediate type pattern with compounds in soft or medium. The MC20 compound is for use in cold and/or wet conditions and is in soft compound only.

Retail prices including VAT run from £37.99 for a 3.50 x 10 MC18 to £48.95 for the 130/60 x 13 MC16. Trade discount is 30% with an additional 5% for early payment.

For further details contact BEK on Tel: 01903 212140, Fax: 01903 212145, or Email: