April 22 2004 Planet-Knox has reaffirmed its position as market-leaders in impact protection for motorcyclists with the launch of its new Back Protector Measuring Guide.

Available in all Knox Premier Dealer Centres, of which there are over 70 in the UK, (including the J&S and Infinity chains), the Guide enables retailers to identify the correct size of back-protectors for customers, ensuring maximum comfort & protection.

The measuring guide comes with a hole at the top. Simply put your finger through the hole and locate on the nape of the neck, (locate on large protruding vertebrae at the back of the neck), then measure down to the waist. The waist is generally in line with the small of the back.

The Back Protector Measuring Guide is supported with a new poster that follows the latest advertising message.

For more information call 01900 825825 or visit