April 26 2004. Congratulations to Staniano Motorcycles' Pete Willis for completing the London Marathon in 3 hours 31 minutes.

Pete collected around £1100 from friends and supporters for the Niemann-Pick Disease Group.

What is Niemann-Pick Disease? The Niemann-Pick Diseases, in common with many other inherited diseases of the metabolism, are a source of great suffering and distress to individuals unfortunate to have inherited them and to their families. The diseases strike with devastating consequences and without warning, leaving families bewildered as to why this has happened to them. To add to their grief, the onset of disease symptoms is often delayed for many years and other children, born previously or subsequently, may also have inherited the disease. A great deal of research is taking place into the cause of the diseases, but currently there are no known effective treatments.

For further information visit:

If you want to add your support then you can contact Pete at or Staiano Motorcycles Harrogate N.Yorks HG1 7LQ