December 5 2008.

The NAVIGATOR TXB is the latest generation of multi-brand tool specifically for bike able to connect to any PC or Palmtop as well as the new AXONE Pad, to perform the most accurate diagnostics of the electronic systems of motorcycles, scooters and quads.

Thanks to the features offered by this wireless interface, it is possible to access all the electronic systems on board by directly connecting to the diagnostic plug. By using the NAVIGATOR TXB it is possible to perform operations such as: reading/erasing the error messages, evaluating system parameters, resetting of service warning lights, adjustments to fuelling, key programming and much more. An important feature is the new internal memory, which stores previously uploaded programmes. If this system is required again, this reduces communication time by 70%.

By using a Bluetooth wireless connection to communicate with the display unit the NAVIGATOR TXB eliminates the need for cables. The innovative IDC3 software is entirely designed by TEXA and provides the user diagnostic information as well as wiring diagrams and technical bulletins. The diagnostic database covers all the main manufacturers and over 1000 models.

For further information on the NAVIGATOR TXB or any other TEXA products contact TEXA on 01282 606787 or