April 4 2004 The latest craze for fitting trick LED indicators is apparently leading to an increase in the number of bikes failing the MOT because of indicators not flashing at the correct rate. The original relay relies on a specific current being drawn by the bulb - change the indicators and the relay cannot cope.

Acumen, the manufacturer of an increasing range of electronic goodies for bikes, has just released its 'Wide Range Universal Indicator Driver' that guarantees that indicators will flash at the correct rate regardless of what you choose to use as indicators! The new device is claimed to be simple to fit and will come as a relief to owners who have been faced with replacing the indicators or failing the MOT. While the device was originally designed to accommodate the latest LED Indicators it will drive up to 100 watts which will also support hazard lamps where fitted and makes an ideal replacement should the original equipment fail.

The Wide Range Universal Indicator Driver is available in Universal (It will even fit a car!) or a Plug-in version that is suitable for Yamaha and most late Japanese models. Priced at just £30 this unique device is available from Acumen distributors

Call Acumen on 01264 359922