May 6 2004. Forget luggage for bikes, what about luggage for bikers? Arlen Ness has introduced a range of load lugging kit that is claimed to be just as practical in the paddock as on the charter flight to Ibiza.

* Trolley Bag 2100 - This bag has two individual compartments, splitting the bag in two when opened, with multiple internal hold-down straps and integral wheels. W 28" x H 14" x D 14". Retail price is £104.99.

* Crew Bag 2102 - This tough Cordura crew bag. W 32" x H 17" x D 16". Retail price is £73.99.

* BackPack 2097 - This backpack packs in features a-plenty. Waist & chest restraints plus padded shoulder straps for stability & comfort. Multiple compartments & expandable net pocket for helmet carriage for convenience. Retail price is £49.99.

* Utility Bag 2117 - The Arlen Ness multi-functional utility bag." Retail price is £29.99.

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