May 12 2004. VE Trade account customers can now place their orders direct on line at

So - No faxes to send (problems reading, etc), no phones (busy and costly), just order online and get lots of advantages with low, or effectively no-extra online costs for 'always-on' internet connection services, and always available - 24 hours - 365 days a year.

This has to be the easiest way to place your orders at the times you want to place them and at the lowest cost.

VE promise priority will be placed on all web trade Orders received, ensuring those orders will be acted upon just as quickly as phone orders.

To ensure you have all the facilities at hand VE also offer at the Orders page a link to their Parts & Prices search engine,
and with some simple keyboard strokes you can search the files and switch to the order to insert the part number and quantities.

You will need to register with the VE web team and this will be issued on application when you enter the VE Trade website.

Once you have the password etc, the advantages of the online order system is that you or your staff can place orders at any time you want, even when VE is closed.

One day all ordering will be this easy...

Visit and register NOW!!