May 13 2004. Fowlers has hit out at misleading rumours regarding the acceptability of helmets with removable chin-guards for motorcycle sport. The distributor for Bell, Bieffe, Jeb's, Kiwi and AXO, has become increasingly concerned by reports that the sporting authorities planned to ban helmets with removable chin guards from motorcycle sport.

According to the ACU these rumours are completely unfounded.

Fowlers offer riders a variety of MX helmets, including models with either integral or removable chin guards. The Company has a long history of involvement with off-road sport, (the founder, Harry Fowler, was a keen scrambler in the Forties & Fifties and Team Fowlers Racing currently compete in national Enduro and MX classes), which gives it great insight into the requirements of competitors.

Fowlers are particularly concerned that misleading rumours cause confusion for competitors and race officials alike and could discourage riders from buying appropriate helmets. They point out that helmets with removable chin guards offer great flexibility to riders of all ages, such as those competing in both trials & motocross, and are a popular choice for parents when choosing a first helmet for younger riders.

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