May 13 2004.

A motorcycle dealer from Cumbria has had an application for a Consumer Credit
Licence refused by the OFT.

An adjudicator refused an application from Raycross Ltd, trading as Bridgegate
Motorcycles, on the basis that a business associate of the applicant, Mr Daniel
Stewart, had knowingly provided credit to consumers on ten occasions without a
licence and had supplied a forged consumer credit licence to a finance company.

The adjudicator therefore decided that the applicant was not fit to hold a
consumer credit licence and accordingly it was refused.

In considering fitness, the OFT will take into account a number of factors

* any offence or conviction of violence or dishonesty carried out by the
business or anyone involved in running the business

* failure to comply with the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act or other
consumer protection legislation

* consumer complaints

* evidence of unfair business practice

* evidence of discrimination on grounds of sex, colour, race or ethnic/national

Christine Wade, Director for Consumer Regulation Enforcement, said: 'Forging licences or any other credit documents and giving credit without a licence are serious matters. When proved we will not hesitate to take proportionate action.'


1. The Consumer Credit Act 1974 requires most businesses that offer goods
or services on credit or lend money or are involved in activities relating
to credit or hire to be licensed by the OFT.

2. The OFT can refuse or revoke a licence if it decides that a trader is
not fit to hold one.

3. It should be noted that proceedings under the Act are not the same as those
of a court and the adjudicator's findings are not the same as convictions
by a court. Therefore where the adjudicator finds that an offence has been
committed or a provision of the statute has been contravened, it does not
mean that the person concerned has been convicted under court proceedings
of that offence or of that contravention.

4. An adverse determination (a refusal to grant a licence or the revocation
of an existing licence) can be appealed to the Secretary of State for Trade
and Industry.

5. The Consumer Credit Public Register is maintained by the OFT. The register
documents traders that hold a licence and any action taken against them. It
also details traders that have applied for a licence. Enquiries can be made
to the Consumer Credit Licensing Bureau on 020 7211 8608.

6. The determination to refuse licence number 535612 was published on 29 April
2004. The licensee was Raycross Ltd, trading as Bridgegate Motorcycles, the
main place of business is: Bridgegate Garage, Flass Lane, Barrow-in-Furness,
Cumbria, LA13 0BZ.

OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING News Release (84/04) issued by the Government News
Network on 13 May 2004.