May 13 2004. The X Sun Visor is supplied and distributed in the UK by DAVIDA.

The X Sun is a visor that can be fitted to any open face, system and full-face helmet. The visor is fixed in place by clips between the helmet shell and the liner thus eliminating the need for visor studs. This is great news for people who have helmets without visor studs or riders that have issues with ill-fitting goggles.

The X Sun is available in: Clear, Smoke, Silver mirror and Blue mirror. It is available in two sizes 240mm for smaller helmets and 279mm for larger helmets.

Prices range from: £15.86 to £22.91 Inc postage

Contact details:
Tel: 0151 678 4656
Fax: 0151 677 5398
E-mail: sales@davida.co.uk
Web: www.davida.co.uk