May 17 2004. ProBike has introduced the latest development from FUCHS: the 301 Evolution Modular Test Bench.

The new 301 Evolution allows the dealer or tuner easier access to highly accurate dyno testing procedures.

This new model has all the features of the industry standard BEI 251, but in modular form, giving the dealer and tuner a low-cost route to highly accurate and useful testing procedures using the proven Kheops software.

The optional eddy current brake allows real-time power measurements using a variety of parameters: - constant RPM, constant speed, acceleration tests, drag coefficient as well as drive cycle simulations using the rider and bike weight, rolling resistance and slope. Power, RPM and torque can all be displayed in real time, along with Air/Fuel Ratio (with the optional Lambda sensor) or AFR + 4 gases (with the optional infra-red gas analyser). Accurate road simulations and the standard equipment torque sensor which provides power measurement under load make the Fuchs a far more effective tool than other dynos, say ProBike.

The basic inertia model provides excellent value for money with CE safety guards, ramp, software, delivery and installation all included in the basic price of just £8750.00, with the eddy current load control version available from £15995.00.

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