May 25 2004. New members to the Forthright Motorcycle Finance team have taken the plunge into the motorcycle world by taking their CBT test.

Mark Wall, George Miller, Neil Hodgson and Kerry Morris are long standing members of the Capital Bank Leisure team, also part of the HBOS group, and have recently taken on responsibilities within Forthright Motorcycle
Finance. In order to really take on the motorcycle challenge, they all recently passed their CBT tests with flying colours!
Mark Wall commented on the success of the day at Bikesmart in St Helens: "It had been a long while since I had ridden a motorbike, but it didn't take long to get back into the swing of things. The four of us really enjoyed the day and we all hope that this shows just how much Forthright Motorcycle Finance are committed to the motorcycle industry and achieving a deeper understanding of it."

Jonathan Mitchell, Director of Motorcycles for Forthright Motorcycle Finance, was also extremely proud of the team's achievements: "It is typical of Capital Bank`s commitment to all of its clients that they look
to understand the culture of their markets. So we are extremely pleased to welcome four new bikers to the Forthright Motorcycle Finance