May 25 2004. Bikerloan, a new personal loan product from Black Horse Motorcycle Finance will be launched at the end of May with the explicit aim of hitting back at direct lenders.

John Anderson, Sales Director for Black Horse Motorcycle Finance stated,
"We can't go on letting new entrants deprive dealers of the income they earn from finance and insurance sales."

Bikerloan will compliment the current product range available through the Black Horse motorcycle dealer network. Customers can borrow up to £25,000 and will be offered extremely competitive rates, in line with other high street finance providers.

The product will give dealers a much greater opportunity to compete head on with personal loan rates and terms offered by direct lenders such as banks, building societies and supermarkets.

Market indications suggest that up to 40% of customers pre-arrange their finance before entering the showroom, it is critical that dealers don't lose out on potential income opportunities.

John continues, "As market leaders we are determined that we will honour our obligation to not just talk about innovative products but to deliver them to the market and bring dealers' customers back to the point of sale for their finance."
Black Horse Motorcycle Finance is confident that Bikerloan will become a key product offering for all dealers whose aim is to convert customers who have already opted for alternative forms of funding.

The product will also give dealers the opportunity to cross sell add-on features such as PPP and GAP, whilst still earning rewards in the form of commission and Q-points - the award winning dealer incentive loyalty programme. From a customer's perspective it also leaves other credit lines open for other uses.

As a stand alone product, Bikerloan will sit alongside the dealers existing finance packages. We will be training dealer sales staff in "customer qualification techniques" to establish if the customer is likely to seek funding from a direct lender. If they are, then sales staff will have a superior product at their fingertips to keep that business 'in house'.

John concludes, "Dealers will now have a complete portfolio of finance products from Black Horse that will be difficult for anyone to beat, traditional competitors or direct lenders.

"Customers will once again see the dealers showroom as the ultimate "One Stop Shop", and dealer sales staff will enjoy the ability to confidently close all sales opportunities with a highly competitive unrivalled point of sale product.

For more information about Bikerloan, or the range of products & services Black Horse Motorcycle Finance can offer you, please call Fiona Robertson, PR Manager on 0131 311 2127.

Black Horse requested an embargo on this story until the end of May and Motorcycle Trader was happy to comply. British Dealer News chose to break the embargo and published this story in their issue that landed on 19th/20th of May. Black Horse then asked us to publish the story on the website and in the June issue.

Motorcycle Trader continues to publish the latest trade and industry news on our website at and we will contiune to observe embaro dates as a simple matter of trust.