May 28 2004. The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has teamed up with St. John Ambulance, one of the leading authorities on First Aid training, to develop a new St. John First Aid course. Designed specifically for motorcyclists, the new course will equip riders with the skills and confidence to act in an emergency. The course will be available throughout the country.

The MCI has also been working closely with the Lancashire Ambulance Service NHS Trust to include their 'First Bike on the Scene' as part of this innovative and vital national safety initiative.

Karen Cooke, from the MCI says: 'This exciting development is part of a wider plan which the motor cycle industry is driving forward. We want a reduction in the number of lives lost on the roads. We recognised that there was a need for riders to be better equipped to deal with the scene of an accident. Giving riders the opportunity to learn lifesaving skills is just one of the ways we can achieve this.'

Karen explained 'At present there are a number of locally based courses, but nothing available nationally which is targeted specifically at the motorcyclist. We felt that it was vital that any rider, anywhere in the country should have access to a professionally run course. We wanted to work with leading organisations to ensure that we were in a position to develop an industry standard for quality and content. We are delighted to be working with St. John Ambulance and also Lancashire Ambulance Service to develop what we all believe is the most appropriate course content for riders.'

St. John has offered a First Aid course for motorcyclists in Manchester for the last two months. 'There has been a lot of demand for the course in Manchester' says Jon Cunningham, training manager at St. John. 'There is clearly an appetite for First Aid knowledge in the biking community which is very encouraging.'

The Lancashire Ambulance Service has a similar course designed for motorcyclists. Their course has also proved very popular, with bookings from individuals, through to group bookings from biking clubs and associations. Lancashire Ambulance spokesperson Phil Woodford says 'We have had some very valuable feedback from our 'First Bike on the Scene' course which has proved very useful in helping to develop the core content for the MCIA scheme ".

St John are planning a number of pilot courses which are scheduled to take place in the next few months in selected areas of the country. If successful the new course is planned to launch later in the year. Readers interested in attending a pilot course should send their contact details to, for more information.

Details of the Lancashire Ambulance course are available on 01772 773141, or at