June 4 2004, The Motor Cycle Industry Association's (MCI) Conference, Working Towards Sustainable Road Safety, took place at the end of May and the conference room was filled with road safety officers, police, local transport planners, training bodies, insurance underwriters and brokers.

The conference, challenged road safety norms and addressed a broad range of issues to present a range of positive methods aimed at reducing rider casualties. Speakers from all sectors of the industry and government participated, which demonstrates the commitment to meeting the objective to reduce rider casualties

The motorcycle industry , for the first time in history, has united all of the manufacturers and importers to invest time, money and enthusiasm to create new safety initiatives. . The MCI's motorcycle safety committee is already involved in running a responsible riding campaign which will involve providing a free safety DVD to all riders who buy a new or used bike from a dealer. Further conferences for dealers and sales representatives, an accident management course for motorcyclists and post training insurance incentives are also in the pipeline.

Steven Gooding, Department for Transport, was the keynote speaker and he was joined by a host of eminent key people from the transport industry who spoke on a range of topics

Chief Constable John Burbeck, Warwickshire Police - Chairman

Bikesafe-The National Agenda -Stephen Curtis, Assistant Chief Constable of North Wales Police

What Value Rider Improvement Schemes? Chief Inspector Mark Owen - North Wales Police and Neil Cunliffe, Chairman ANDISP( Association of National Driver Improvement Scheme Providers)

What Is The Driving Standards Agency's Role? Robin Cummins, Chief Driving Examiner,DSA

The Role of the Industry- Craig Carey-Clinch, MCIA

The Role of the Riders- Trevor Magner, British Motorcyclists Federation

Engineering Guidelines for Motorcycles -Practical Advice for Highway Engineers Tony Sharp,IHIE

Recent Developments in Road Safety- Research Kate McMahon, DfT

More controversial topics such as traffic calming, speed cameras and the issue of rider casualties was addressed by Craig Carey-Clinch, Director of Public Affairs at the Motor Cycle Industry Association.

Craig Carey Clinch, said " This conference challenged traditional notions about road safety and provided the opportunity to explore alternative ways of reducing rider casualties. The Motor Cycle Industry is committed to working collectively to achieve the one crucial goal, to reduce the number of casualties and ensure that motorcycling is clearly integrated into the transport agenda and not added on as an afterthought."